The Beginning of This Music Appreciation Journey

A piano with sheet music. Creative Commons CC0.

Growing up my dad loved to share his music tastes with my sister and I. Whenever we were driving my sister and I had no control over what was being played on the radio. My dad would stick with his classic rock station and we would listen to all of my dad’s favourite artists. Artists like The Beatles, Elton John, Phil Collins, etc. The music would be blasting in the car but often my dad would take a moment to turn down the volume and share interesting facts about the artist we were listening to. This continued for most of my childhood. It even got to the point where instead of sharing facts my dad would quiz us. He’d ask, “Which artist is this?” Due to his constant barrage of information that was ingrained into my brain I usually answered correctly.

To this day my dad will continue to repeat the same stories and facts over and over again. But I find myself not really minding because I like hearing about what he enjoys. I can see how he lights up with excitement, as music has always been a huge part of his life. I can’t say exactly that I share the same taste in music as my dad, but regardless I feel like I have developed a similar fascination with music.

However, writing about music honestly makes me nervous because I feel like I should say something really intelligent and interesting about The Beatles or Beethoven. With other blogs like The Listener’s Club, I found it hard to read the posts because most of them appeared to be directed towards people who know a lot about music. Sometimes I even find the writers acting pretentious about music. It takes all the fun out of enjoying music, if you feel like you’re not smart enough to talk about music with others. I suppose that’s where my inspiration came from for writing this type of blog. I have always had a fascination with music, but have never had the courage to talk about it because I feel like I didn’t belong. Mainly based on the fact that I haven’t studied music. I think that if I take the intimidation out of it, by solely focusing on how music makes us feel, with some fun information thrown in, appreciating music could become fun again.

Hopefully, as I learn new things those who read my blog will learn with me. It feels like there are so many things to talk about, and that feels a little overwhelming. I want to do my best to do this justice as I think that there is so much to explore with how everyone around the world appreciates music.


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